Beo Underground

"Beo Underground" is the name the group goes by when performing alternative styles of music such as rock or metal.


"Creep" - Radiohead

A cover of one of Beo's favorite songs.


"Immigrant" - Sean Neukom

An original song by Beo's violist, Sean Neukom. 

"Immigrant is a song I wrote in reaction to the suggested immigration ban in early 2017. The song utilizes the other Beo gents in a way that elevates the music. Rather than using strings in this song as soothing background chords, the strings help show the progression of the song. The string parts, in fact, really carry the song to each new section and highlight what interactive parts can do for a pop song."

                                         -- Sean


Dead Reckoning

This is a rock album written by Sean Neukom and performed by Beo Underground. These are early versions of the tracks, so keep an eye out for their official release at some point in the near future.

"Dead Reckoning is the album that jump started my fascination with composing pop/rock songs verses writing them. The difference being the approach in how the song is crafted. Each song in Dead Reckoning is written using the same method with which I approach concert works: through motivic development. The guitar or vocals typically introduce a melody or motive, and the strings continue to develop this throughout the song. 

The subject material of this album is very personal to me. It is essentially a chronicling of the loss of a love. The album opens at the point where a couple realizes that the end might be near. The album then is a journey through the typical emotions: anger, questioning, guilt, spite, and nostalgia. The end finds the protagonist realizing that it's ok to love someone and not be with them. The journey from dark to optimism is palpable and achieved through the use of engaging string parts played by the members of Beo."

                             -- Sean